The Windmill that's not a windmill

I just read this evening about a new windmill from QR5 that spins vertically instead of horizontally. What I found amazing is that it doesn't kill birds, which was one of the major complaints against the 'propellor' type. Apparently a flock of birds will see it and go round it!

I read it in David MacKay's new amazing book about sustainable energy. This is the most serious work I have ever seen on the subject, and one that seems destined to become the "bible" of the subject. His science is so solid that I can't see anyone really arguing with him... he is likely to crush them into a pile of dust!!

Anyway here's the link to his sustainable energy book. (no affiliation) It's available free online and you should check it out.

There's a pic of the windmill in p.267 of the book, which is the page I linked.

What would I take to an uninhabited island?

I couldn't resist this one! What would I take to an uninhabited island? Well that depends on a lot of things - financial resources; whether I had a rowboat or several shipping containers to bring things. If I could have anything; my library, a Steinway Grand, computers, swimwear...

It also depends on what conditions were like. A fishing rod and tartare sauce?

Of course, if it was uninhabited, then I would need to take a bevy of fine ladies, if we were going to commence civilization and not just fizzle out.... ;)